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Increase maximum precision for time datatype from day to second on Commons
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Forked from T57755 . On Commons the maximum precision allowed to enter is currently 11 (day). Please increase this to 14 (second). The imageinfo extension should probably override the time data type to always set the timezone to null instead of 0 to make it clear that not all times are UTC.

This mirrors the current practice on Commons, see for example where the date field contains "2017-07-03 13:28:12".

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I fully support this change. But, does this mean that all the bots that add date to Commons SDC fields in 65M files will have to go back and do it again? Most of the time I do not find time of the day that useful. For example with my own photos I set the time to US eastern time zone but than fly to California and take photos there. The date in the EXIF has date and time but no timezone, so unless I take a photo of a sunset I do not know the precise time. However I find time (hour:minute:second) part very useful when I am trying to occasionally figure out the order of the photographs taken by the same camera.

Also if it is in wikitext I would also like to be able to express it in SDC.