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As an email reporter, I need to know how to pull domain reports in Civi for soft bounces
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We've been seeing some higher than usual bounce rates for domains, as well as a variety of other domains. We reached out to Trilogy to advise on next steps, and we need to provide a longitudinal report from Civi tracking bounces and opens per domain name. Is it possible for me to learn how to pull these reports from Civi, or is this something we need to request via phab only?

Here's a list of the problematic domains we want to track: - a little over 2% of this domain bounces, makes up about ~15% share of the total send list

The following domains have a send share lower than 3%, but have higher than 50% bounce rates:

Blocks - 60% block rate for this domain on a recent send

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You want to build this report by domain group, not domain. Example, RoadRunner no longer exists, it is now part of Spectrum Communications. I will build a mapping for domains -> domain groups to use.

This might be something @EYener could query for you from the civicrm_mailing_provider_data table?

Sure thing we can help with this. Thanks for the ping @Eileenmcnaughton .

@KHaggard is there a particular email send or segment or email or date range this is associated with?

@EYener there are quite a few actually. if you take a peek into our stats sheet, you'll notice a few segments that have an unusually high number of blocks (column J) compared to most of the other segments within the same cluster of sends.

For some context, a usual block rate is anywhere under 0.1%.

Some examples of really high blocks are (over 0.5%):


Some examples of fairly high blocks (not alarming but still higher than we usually see - between 0.1 to 0.5%):

Some Canadian sends as well

Hope this helps, please let me know if you need further assistance pinpointing the exact sends!

Thanks @MNoorWMF ! So it sounds like we should be looking at the enUS segments only. Has this been for Email2 only? Or should we go back to email1?

US sends from 9/16, 9/30, 10/22, and 10/26 specifically for soft bounces @EYener

Also just want to mention, Moska listed blocks but we're also interested in the higher than expected soft bounce rate we've been seeing lately for Email 2. Especially in this send: 1b_20201026_UnitedStates(US)_English(en)_Email2_Control_TS-Republican-Age-60plus


Also, just wanting to realign on the main issue of this task: is bouncing at 3% now based on the latest enUS send we deployed, which seems alarming since it's the second most popular domain group in every email send. @EYener is it possible to pull a civi report tracking yahoo specifically?


A 3% is normal for Verizon (aka, AOL/Yahoo). When I see blocks at Verizon it will be 100% soft boucning.

@KHaggard I wanted to circle back on this as it came up as a request in our Asana backlog as well.

Is this still needed? Do you think you would need this on an ongoing basis, or was this a one-off request?

Hi @EYener - thanks for circling back! This was a one-off request that I don't believe we need anymore. However, the main idea of this task was to see if I can learn how to pull a longitudinal report from Civi. If I can learn how to do that, I won't need to loop in multiple stakeholders in order to give Trilogy a report. Is that a possibility?

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Hmm I'm not a pro on that @KHaggard. Let me circle up with the FR tech folks in our next sync up to see if this is more of a Civi thing, a Superset thing, or an ad hoc request thing and we can get back to you. I'll close this out for now since it seems like it's no longer needed?

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Thanks, I appreciate that. Confirming that resolving this task makes sense and we can move over to email or Slack about any followups. Thanks!