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Changing the Conversion script between Tifinagh and Latin for the Tachelhit language
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Hello there ,

We have a problem in the writing system. Currently, Tachelhit Wikipedia (Wp/shi) is built on Latin script base. After our discussions we came to conclusion that Tachelhit Wikipedia should be based and developed on Latin script. We also need to change the convertor; We do have now a script converter from "Tifinagh to Latin", but since we worked with the latin, we need to change the script converter to "Latin to Tifinagh" for people who uses the tifinagh alphabet.

Also we do have a problem on the native name of the language, since we are using the Berber Latin alphabet ( take a look at ) the name Tachelhit in our latin script will be " Taclḥit ", and not " Tašlḥiyt ". this problem is also present in the actual script convertor we have a " ⵛ => š " while it should be " ⵛ => c ".