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Add a "private message" feature into MediaWiki
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This is important for both moderation and communication for editors that it should be implemented into MediaWiki.

  1. Not everyone has or is willing to give out an email address. This can make private communications difficult. For example, if I had a question for an editor or just wanted "general chat" on a wiki, I would have to use email, which has the problem that it can potentially expose your email address. And if I or the other editor don't have an email address, then I cannot communicate via email. Private messaging solves this problem.
  2. If an administrator wanted to coach someone without causing public embarrassment, private messaging is good for that. For example, it would be embarrassing to send a warning template to an editor for something as trivial as accidentally making a personal attack. Sending a private message avoids that embarrassment.
  3. Emails do not support wiki markup and are sent in plaintext. Private messages could, in theory, support templates and linking and other forms of MediaWiki markup. This can add rich-text to private messaging.

Of course, users that abuse the private message system should be able to be blocked from sending (but not receiving) private messages.