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Notifications from functionaries to users for when email isn't available
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A suggestion to add a way for functionaries to contact a user privately, if the user doesn't have email enabled.

I recently ran across an page which needed simultaneous editing and WP:OVERSIGHT. I emailed the Oversight team but if they do the edit as requested, it will leave the editor puzzled. The editor doesn't have email so there is no private way for the oversight team to communicate with the editor.

Consider adding a type of notification where suitably-privileged editors (probably OVERSIGHT-editors on :en, but possibly Stewards or Administrators on smaller Wikis, and editors with arbitrary privileges on experimental, private, and non-WMF wikis) could send a private message using the notification system. In the use case above (oversighters sending messages to editors on :en ) you would want all messages to be logged to a non-public or only-partially-public log (e.g. public log would have the name of the oversighter and a timestamp of the private message, along with maybe a public rationale). For other Wikis with other use cases, logging may not be necessary or even desirable. davidwr/(talk)/(contribs) 02:52, 29 August 2015 (UTC)