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Add Tips softkey on home screen and create content for it.
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As part of the KaiOS onboarding revamp, we are proposing Tips LSK, to help users get contextual information about using the app. Tips will open as a separate screen which will be a collection of questions and answers to help users understand how to use the app.

Design Details
Tips on home screenTips screenRead articlesearch informationswitch linksAbout wikipedia
Moving textMoving linksQuick links
  • Add Tips as LSK on the home screen.
  • Open a new screen when users select Tips from LSK.
  • Users can choose to interact with any of the questions available in Tips section.
  • Questions in Tips section open separate screens that have an image/.gif file along with support copy.
  • Pressing Try softkey on "How to search an article?" would take them back to the search screen.
  • Pressing Try softkey on "How to read an article?" would open a random article.
  • Pressing Try softkey on "How to switch between links?" would open the second page(skip introduction) of a random article.
  • Allow scrolling if the text is unable to fit on a single screen.
  • Back softkey would bring back the control to Tips section whereas Next would take the control to the next question available in the order.

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AMuigai triaged this task as Medium priority.

Updated quick links animation.

Updated ticket with a revised copy. @Jpita we have done some minor adjustments for Jio2 as well so feel free to check that when you test.

This comment was removed by Jpita.

shall we add a scrolling indicator/hint so the user knows that there is more text below @SGautam_WMF ?

Thanks, @Jpita. This is helpful feedback. We have added a scrollbar that hides after a couple of seconds, I think that will do the job. Could you please check that once and confirm.

@eamedina The scroll bar does not show until a user takes the action to scroll down. Is that intentional? Saw this after testing in Spanish in the first tip.

Thanks for reconfirming @eamedina On testing, it shows briefly when the user first lands on a tip.