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Migrate to new Wikidata Analytics
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The new Wikidata Analytics service is online:

In the following weeks we will be updating all links to the old Wikidata Analytics service across the WMF project pages.

The old Wikidata Analytics service will be phased out in the near future, certainly not before announcing that step to the community.

All dashboards and reports still running on the old Wikidata Analytics service now present their new URLs on the top of their landing pages.

In the meantime, all users of our data products should update their bookmarked dashboard and reports URLs. The following table might help the transition:

ProductOld URLNew URL
Wikidata Analytics Portal
WDCM Overview Dashboard
WDCM Usage Dashboard
WDCM Semantics Dashboard
WDCM (S)itelinks Dashboard
WDCM (T)itles Dashboard
WDCM Geo Dashboard
WDCM Biases Dashboard
Wikidata Pageviews per Namespace
Wikidata Usage and Coverage
Wikidata Human vs Bot Edits
Wikidata External Identifiers Landscape
Wikidata Languages Landscape
Wikidata Game: Reference Treasure Hunt
Wikidata ORES Quality Report

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@Lea_Lacroix_WMDE @WMDE-leszek @Lydia_Pintscher

  • All URLs in the Wikidata Analytics WMF documentation pages were changed as per @Lea_Lacroix_WMDE's request.
  • The new, Wikidata Analytics repo is ready.
  • There will be some minor changes here in the near future, but we are definitely ready to go with the announcement of the new Wikidata Analytics.

@Lea_Lacroix_WMDE @WMDE-leszek @Lydia_Pintscher

Do we need this ticket still opened and the old system's VM running?

Would be possible to add redirects from the old urls to the new ones?

@diego The transition process took almost two months, I think. During the transition process the old dashboards pointed clearly to their new counterparts...
The old proxy is also down and the respective CloudVPS instance is being repurposed for other WMDE projects. So there are no old urls anymore, in fact.

I see. I was asking because we wrote these address on published papers, and those are immutable. But if is not possible, is not possible.

@diego Diego I am really sorry but as I have already mentioned the migration took some two months, and that was publicly announced well before the old URLs were deprecated.