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GapFinder tool returns error message for every pair of languages
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Whenever I try to use the GapFinder tool (, for every combination of languages, instead of the recommendations that should be there, I get an error message saying "No recommendations were available for the specified parameters." I'm assuming this is an issue with the tool itself, since I got this error message in multiple browsers and on multiple devices.

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I just took a quick look, and it seems to be working fine. For example, just now, I set the source language to English and the target language to Esperanto, entered "Town" in the search box, and hit enter, and got several results, just as I'd expect.

The "no recommendations available" message does seem to appear unconditionally if no text is specified in the search box, and the search box is cleared if the source language is changed (but not if the target language is changed). I suspect this is really a UI/UX issue.

(Unsubscribing since this is about the Python recommendation-api project, which I don't know much about, and not the Node.js recommendation-api project, which I do know something about.)

Tested it now, and the tool does seem to work if you input something in the search box, but in the past, the tool would give broad suggestions if there was nothing in the search box, and it's not doing that anymore.

Tested the tool and it is working properly again, so I am closing this task as resolved.