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"Error: 413, Request Entity Too Large" when uploading a new version of a video file via URL that's larger than 100MB
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I was trying to upload a new version of this file (a Science Summary CC BY audiovisual summary for a month) here.

Problem 1: I could not upload the full-size render because the UploadWizard had an error, without any meaningful description, after it finished uploading even though the file was smaller than this video that I uploaded for which the upload went through.

Problem 2: In the "Source file" when uploading the file from the local computer there is a "Maximum file size: 100 MB" which is smaller than the original file.

(Relevant notes: Despite of that videos should be automatically embedded, or even publicly hosted, with smaller rendered version in pages and only the largest renderings uploaded the commons, I tried uploading with a far lower-quality rendering for a short-term solution until this gets fixed but even that was 104 MB in size and there are some problems with the melt-renderings/Kdenlive that make running these problematic.)

Problem 3 (this issue): because of Problem 2 I uploaded the .webm video to here and tried uploading via this URL. Next to the upload via Source URL it says: "Maximum file size: 4 GB" (the file on is smaller than that and not even the full-size render). It then loads for a while after which it displays an error page with the error "Error: 413, Request Entity Too Large".

Once problem 3 is solved, issues for problem 1 and 2 could get created as separate tasks and linked to from here.

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@Aklapper Please see (including the link):

I was trying to upload a new version of this file (a Science Summary CC BY audiovisual summary for a month) here.

I'm trying to upload a new version of a file.

Okay, that URL is not UploadWizard... removing its project tag.

@Aklapper - is this being looked at? I've just heard from a volunteer that they encountered this as well. Could it be that the upload new version of this file feature is still limited to 100MB whereas UploadWizard no longer is? If so, that seems like an important bug to prioritize, because it breaks a core function (albeit in a less-frequent use case).

@Ijon: I don't know; I assume not as WMF seems to not put sufficient resources into its multimedia stack.

100MB is the value of PHP's upload_max_filesize setting. AFAIK it was never possible to upload files larger than that, without using chunked uploading.