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Bullet points visible next to top bar
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Hello. When using freezed view, the bullets are still visible. See these two at the left:


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Aklapper renamed this task from Make the top bar wider to Bullet points visible next to top bar.Mar 1 2021, 11:22 AM

@IKhitron please provide clear steps to reproduce, and what is "freezed view"? I don't see these bullet points

"Freezed view" is a way to freeze the top line of the screen when scrolling, you use it in the watchlist.

  1. Open the global watchlist.
  2. Wait until there will be at least 1.5 screens of edits.
  3. Scroll down a screen.
  4. You can see the top line with the buttons remains at the top of the screen, see lines X - X+... below, and also see the bullets of the lines X-2 and X-1 at side.