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Backport hyperkitty 1.3.4 for buster
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Description - 1.3.4-1 is in bullseye, needs a backport to buster.

To solve T256541: Fix the problem with gravatar and mailman3

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@Ladsgroup are you planning to work on this or would you like me to?

Legoktm renamed this task from Package hyperkitty 1.3.4 on buster to Backport hyperkitty 1.3.4 for buster.Mar 7 2021, 6:32 AM
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@Ladsgroup are you planning to work on this or would you like me to?

I want to work on it mostly to learn about packaging and such (never done it). Any documentation would be great. If I get really stuck, I tell you and you pick it up ^^

You want to be running Debian Buster/testing/unstable, because that has all the tooling available (you can also do this in a container). apt-get install build-essential git-buildpackage devscripts dh-python

Then you want to set up a buster chroot so your package builds are clean, see

gbp clone You can checkout the debian/1.3.4-2 tag and create a buster-wikimedia branch.

Create a new entry in debian/changelog, see for example. The version'll be something like 1.3.4-2~bpo10+1~wmf1

Then try to build it with gbp buildpackage. If you're lucky, it'll just work and you'll have debs in the parent directory that you can test.

Otherwise you'll need to go through the failures and see if you need a different dependency (listed in debian/control) or need to patch stuff. See

Depending on how extensive your changes are, we can copy the git repo into Gerrit and host a fork with the backport changes...if it's just a changelog entry we don't need to go through all that hassle.

Thanks. I will give it a try. If I get stuck, I'll ask.

@Legoktm is patching the old hyperkitty instead.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-03-25T07:36:33Z] <legoktm> uploaded hyperkitty 1.2.2-1+wmf1 to buster-wikimedia (T276687)

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-03-25T07:41:58Z] <legoktm> upgraded lists1002 to hyperkitty 1.2.2-1+wmf1 (T276687)