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Add Index namespace on enWS to the $wgTemplateStylesNamespaces list
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[Spun out from T271710 to track the specific Site-Request configuration aspect.]

Could we please have subpages of Index: pages at enwikisource set to sanitized-css if they end in CSS?

This is done (if I understand the manual) by adding the Index namespace to $wgTemplateStylesNamespaces.

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Since the code change in T271710 applies to all wikis using ProofreadPage, shouldn't this change be made for all Wikisources (and not just English)?

@jhsoby AFAIK it should be fine because there's no other use for Index:Foo/bar.css that I can think of.

@Inductiveload Yes, ProofreadPageInit.php is a good place for that.

Closing as Invalid since T271710 included the setting of this via the ProofreadPage extension.

@Inductiveload I don't see anything in the patch on T271710 that touches $wgTemplateStylesNamespaces…?