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Exception related to OAuthAuthentication on Translate pages
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Splited from T280972. See this backtrace:

LinguaLibre currently uses OAuthAuthentication derived from with some other changes that I will push soon.

Original message : Also, the translation on wiki pages cannot be edited. By clicking on "Save changes", an error appears. Try on one page. @Tgr , you may be interested in the result of the error Thank you in advance.

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It should be solved on LinguaLibre, I edited and saved the page Translations:Help:Main/14/fr without issue (null edit so it does not appear).

@Tgr : I will publish the derived version from your change, this specific issue is the following diff:

diff --git a/extension.json b/extension.json
index 0c42470..3d8c8f1 100644
--- a/extension.json
+++ b/extension.json
@@ -37,2 +37,3 @@
                "MediaWiki\\Extensions\\OAuthAuthentication\\AuthManagerSessionStore": "store/AuthManagerSessionStore.php",
+               "MediaWiki\\Extensions\\OAuthAuthentication\\AuthBlacklist": "auth/AuthBlacklist.php",
                "MediaWiki\\Extensions\\OAuthAuthentication\\OAuthAuthenticationAccountRequest": "auth/OAuthAuthenticationAccountRequest.php",
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I'd recommend using WSOAuth instead. OAuthAuthentication will have more features when (if) it's finished, but using a WIP patchset that was written years ago is invitation for trouble.