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Search and replace a newline
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Few days ago I received file with text that I wanted to upload. But the concept of the text wasn't suitable to the wikitext, and one of the problems is the multiple newline in the wikitext. I wanted to fix that by multiplying every newline, but it's impossible in the build-in search and replace feature.
Later, I thought about a solution, to use regex and replace '(\n)' with '$1$1'. But it's not working when you don't have already one newline, because the second box doesn't understand the '\n' if it's not in $, even if it's on the regex mode.
I think that '\n', or other term, must be possible term in the search and replace boxes, also in the simple mode (and of course in the regex).

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Aklapper changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Feature Request".Apr 29 2021, 9:44 AM

A little workaround I thought of (instead of using an external editor) is to replace with a substitution of a template that outputs a newline. I don't know of such a template on any wiki (for example, Template:Break on enwiki evaluates to <br />), so I put <onlyinclude></onlyinclude> surrounding a newline on my user page and now use {{subst:user:wqnvlz}}.

With wikitext:

foo, bar, baz, qux

searching for and replacing with {{subst:user:wqnvlz}}*  then gives:

foo{{subst:user:wqnvlz}}* bar{{subst:user:wqnvlz}}* baz{{subst:user:wqnvlz}}* qux

which, when saved, becomes:

* bar
* baz
* qux

Would it be sensible to create a whole template for wqnvlz's hack? I implemented the same and found minor issues, but it works. Is this an issue likely to be solved sooner... or later?