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Upgrade labstore1004, labstore1005, cloudstore1008 and cloudstore1009 to Debian Buster
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We've got a fairly solid process for re-imaging NFS servers now that was set up for T266202: Move or recable labstore1004 to 10Gbps rack (if needed) and ethernet.

That means we can move to buster as soon as we have:

After that, it's a matter of re-imaging

  • labstore1004
  • labstore1005
  • cloudstore1008 (blocked on T224747)
  • cloudstore1009 (blocked on T224747)

We could potentially try to fix the naming on labstore100x, though that is likely to be a lot of trouble for very little benefit. I think it is better we just let those old hosts get refreshed away instead of coupling things like that.

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Building nfsd-ldap for buster was very easy. However, the last commit pinned it to stretch. I did a local change to fix that, during my build, but the repo could use updates and best practices, including a README. Now to figure out getting the package released properly.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-05-21T22:32:18Z] <bstorm> upload nfsd-ldap: 1.2+deb10u1 to buster-wikimedia T283385

Change 693500 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bstorm; author: Bstorm):

[operations/debs/nfsd-ldap@master] buster: generate a release for buster and add some files

Bstorm triaged this task as Medium priority.Fri, May 21, 10:55 PM
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One no-return way to test replication between buster and stretch is to upgrade cloudstore1009 after I failover to cloudstore1008. That honestly is probably the surest and most complete test. Testing nfsd-ldap in cloud is a bit odd and possibly impossible because buster uses sssd in cloud. I'm not entirely sure if there is a good way to test there except live, which makes cloudstore1008/9 the best choice again because of fewer affected clients if there is a problem.

Change 693500 merged by Bstorm:

[operations/debs/nfsd-ldap@master] buster: generate a release for buster and add some files