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Review category gadgets for mobile usage
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The mobile site for logged in users who have opted into the "Advanced mobile mode" via the settings cog in the left e.g. now displays categories in the case way as desktop as part of the work we're doing to simplify the mobile site (T246049). This was done to allow gadgets to run on mobile as they do on desktop, for example HotCat.

Projects may want to consider enabling these gadgets on mobile as historically they have only run on desktop:

NOTE: The gadgets may benefit from some mobile optimizations having historically been set to run on desktop only. This is a good opportunity to do this, so please discuss and fix those issues where they apply.


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Wby are categories only visible for logged in users? They serve as a navigational tool for the readers, not only as an exclusive maintenance tool for editors. It has always baffled me how unusable the mobile website is for most casual readers, I have actually had friends complain when I link them with the "m." URL's because many handy features available for people that only read Wikipedia aren't available to them then.

Maybe handicapping mobile screens made sense when every phone had 512 MB RAM, but today most phones have more power than most high end laptops when these limitations when added.

Is there anything left to do in this ticket, or can this be resolved? Asking as this is under "Already announced/Archive" in User-notice only, with no other tags.

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