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SCB pilot data upload
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Make a pilot upload of some of the CC0 data from SCB.

@Eric_Luth_WMSE and me looked at the suggestions they sent us. Indicator 8.5.2, unemployment, is a good example, as there are many data points, split by gender, in the statistics database, but only one on Wikidata.

Example of an employment graph for a country with multiple values.

All databases published by SCB (on Wikidata so far), including Q107492537. Now we can use it in references (stated in)

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The data can be downloaded from here

Assume we want to be to replicate the diagram "Arbetslösa 16-64 år Andel i procent av kvinnor, män" in

Then the relevant parameters to get the data are
tabellinnehåll → procent + felmarginal procent
kön → män + kvinnor + totalt
ålder → totalt 16-64 år
arbetskraftstillhörighet → arbetslösa
år → all available. Earliest is 1970, just like in the diagram. Felmarginal is only available since 2005.

The result can be downloaded as CSV.

Looks like some WD items have been created for the different parts of Statistikdatabasen:, so we can start by making one for the labor market database too.

Added the data for the whole population from 1970 to 2020.

Now we have a graph for Sweden.

A graph can be made on Wikipedia using the data from Wikidata.

Data by gender uploaded to

The report in T286711 has been shared with SCB and we have ongoing contact with them. We will continue working with them as part of an advisory group on communication.