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Add options parameter to Database::delete()
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Per the other queries, it'd be nice to be able to do options on delete.

For the resource loader maintenance script to do cleanupRemovedModules, there is a "LIMIT $limit", which can't be accommodated via $db->delete()

You need to do db->$query() etc.

Not a big deal, just not got time/inclination to look at/do this now for all databases etc

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// $dbw->delete() doesn't support LIMIT :(

  • Bug 52868 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

In Postgres you'll have to do the trick with DELETE FROM table WHERE ctid IN (SELECT ctid FROM table WHERE ... LIMIT n) - ewwww.

SQLite and Oracle support LIMIT in DELETE.

Related: bug 52777 and bug 52778.

Change 131890 had a related patch set uploaded by Withoutaname:
Expand Database.php delete() function parameter list

Change 131890 abandoned by Withoutaname:
Expand Database.php delete() function parameter list

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