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Verify consolidated user menu does not impact topic subscriptions
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T266536 consolidates user links into a single menu. This task is about testing topic subscriptions to ensure the changes T266536 introduces do not cause any regressions in the topic subscription experience.

Minimum test case


  • Wiki: Beta Cluster
  • Browser: Not specified
  • Platform: Desktop

Testing instructions

  1. Log in
  2. Enable topic subscriptions if they are not already
  3. Visit a talk page
  4. Subscribe to a conversation
  5. From a different account (can be logged in or out), post a comment to the section you subscribed to in "Step 4."
  6. From the account you logged into in "Step 1.", verify the "Notice" (📥) icon has changed state to alert you that you have a new notification
  7. Open the "Notice" drawer
  8. Click the new comment notification
  9. Verify it takes you to the talk page on which the comment you were notified about was posted and said comment is highlighted as expected