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Error: Bad constructor arguments
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Error: Bad constructor arguments
at Uri URL1:850:759
at homepage/suggestededits/ext.growthExperiments.SuggestedEditSession.js/</SuggestedEditSession.prototype.updateEditingStatsConfig/</< URL1:276:443
at each URL1:305:278
at each URL1:303:93
at homepage/suggestededits/ext.growthExperiments.SuggestedEditSession.js/</SuggestedEditSession.prototype.updateEditingStatsConfig/< URL1:276:415
at mightThrow URL1:349:833
at resolve/</process< URL1:350:498

Example url:

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald Transcript
Krinkle moved this task from Untriaged to Aug 2021 on the Wikimedia-production-error board.
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I've removed broken links to the mediawiki php dashboard. (Avoid using Phatality since that's for mediawiki-php. Use the Prod Error task form instead, as linked from the workboard sidebar and in New Task menus.)

I've added link to an example article where the error happens. In particular, because usually Uri errors are due to badly written URLs, but this one seemed quite "normal".