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SVG paint-order property doesn't works in SVG renderer
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File:Maple Leaf with white border.svg have the paint-order property to custom the rendering order between the fill, stroke and marker properties. This is works woth Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera. However it looks doesn't work after the image was convert to PNG at the Wikimedia Commons, just put the white stroke in front.

Maple_Leaf_with_white_border.svg.png (600×600 px, 24 KB)

For more details of the paint-order property, see

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Cannot reproduce locally running rsvg-convert -w 512 -f png -u -o Maple_Leaf_with_white_border.svg.png Maple_Leaf_with_white_border.svg using way newer librsvg2-2.50.7 while Wikimedia servers are stuck on an ancient version. This task might be stalled on T193352 or T265549.

JoKalliauer moved this task from Backlog to update librsvg on the Wikimedia-SVG-rendering board.
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paint-order is a SVG2.0-feature:

SVG2.0 is a working draft and not officially released, the current released standard is SVG1.1 , therefore I consider it as a malformed SVG and not as bug of the renderer. I would close it as Invalid (or Declined).

Agree with JoKalliauer that paint-order is not SVG 1.1 Second Edition.

Consequently, it is not a bug for an SVG 1.1 renderer, but it can be a feature request.