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Server side upload for Nikola_Smolenski
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Please upload the files from to Wikimedia Commons.

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Kizule renamed this task from Upload a large file to Commons to Server side upload for Nikola_Smolenski.Sep 10 2021, 10:14 AM
Kizule added a project: Commons.
[urbanecm@mwmaint1002 ~/uploads2]$ md5sum *.pdf
17229aa0e4af251534049f1f1a13f6fd  Policiski recnik 1.pdf
f1aa657314dc1fef5f536b9ac385a604  Policiski recnik 2.pdf
678426b9ec1c49726e44134999ccd6f2  Policiski recnik 3.pdf
[urbanecm@mwmaint1002 ~/uploads2]$

The tar archive looks to have all required information (description files were available). Pasting hashes FTR, starting the upload momentarily.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-09-15T18:44:39Z] <urbanecm> Start server-side upload for 3 large PDF files (T290722)