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ResourceLoaderDynamicStyles should be dynamically appended to the document if it doesn't exist
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Author: mdale

You have the code:
// Marker element for adding dynamic styles
var $marker = $( 'head meta[name=ResourceLoaderDynamicStyles]' );

You should instead have:
var $marker = null and then use this.getCssMarker() or getCssMarker() and locally cache the selector so you can lazy initialize the target ( and do things like add the target to the page if its missing )

something like:

Marker element for adding dynamic styles
var $marker = null ;
lazy init
var getMarker = function(){
if( $marker ){
return $marker;
$marker = $( 'head meta[name=ResourceLoaderDynamicStyles]' )
if( ! $marker.length ){
$marker = $( '<meta />').attr( 'name', 'ResourceLoaderDynamicStyles' )

		  .appendTo( 'head' );

return $marker;

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Severity: enhancement



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mdale wrote:

patch for adding getMarker

here is the comment in patch form .. if that helps.


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