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Rsvg bug for marker-mid
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What happens?:

Test_marker-mid_librsvg24021.png (300×400 px, 2 KB)
Test_marker-mid_librsvg.png (300×400 px, 2 KB)
Test_marker-mid_rendersvg.png (300×400 px, 3 KB)
Test_marker-mid_Inkscape.png (300×400 px, 3 KB)
Test_marker-mid_batik.png (300×400 px, 3 KB)

What should have happened instead?:

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librsvg2.50 fails, so Gnome probably does not know about this bug.

SVG 1.1 is vague about meaning of "path". Gnome may take meaning of start, mid, and end markers to apply to subpaths.

SVG 2.0 is clear that start and end only apply to the start and end of the entire path (not subpath).

Gnome's interpretation may be more elegant.