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Unable to add contacts to a group via search kit
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We are attempting to add contacts to group name: Western Eur - 2021 event invite via a search done in search kit. See screenshot-

image.png (450×1 px, 70 KB)

we are attempting to add contacts to this group who received the following emails - mailing identifiers are sp70499833 & sp70499834.

One search return ~28k and the other ~55k. Please help.

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ug - it's passing them through the uri so it's that same uri limit again @Dwisehaupt

Dug into this more, the query grows by ~56 bytes per 5 records added. So, for this ~56k query, we need buffers >627k.

Bumping the buffers to 640k and the query works.

Related to T287995.

All set! I was even able to add activities for everyone as well yay!!