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Re-enable clouddb1020 wikireplica (analytics s5 and s8)
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Since the hardware has been repaired, we now have to put clouddb1020 back in service.

  • Ensure the database is sound and replication is restored on s5 and s8 (Data Persistence)
  • Update the views for T291806 and T292043 to match the rest (WMCS)
  • Repool the host (T292043)

Event Timeline

Bstorm triaged this task as Medium priority.Oct 8 2021, 3:11 PM
Bstorm created this task.
Bstorm moved this task from Backlog to Wiki replicas on the Data-Services board.

Current status: host is up, mariadb is not yet

I've brought mariadb@s5 up without starting replication, and i'm running mariadb-check --all-databases against it now.

s5 check completed successfully after 6h50m. I've enabled replication, and it's catching up now.

Doing the same procedure for s8, check running now.

@Bstorm: clouddb1020:s5 has caught up on replication, and is released into your loving care :)

s8 is still running mariadb-check, so probably won't have replication re-enabled until tomorrow.

s8's check finished successfully, i've started replication on it now.

@mdipietro per ^ looks like clouddb1020 can be repooled