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Upload wizard doesn't understand all error codes
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On Prototype, to test another bug, I tried uploading Wiki.ogv from commons. After waiting for the spinner, the following message appeared:

The server returned an error we did not understand: "7"

I'm not sure what to do next.

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Severity: enhancement
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Recently, a patch to MediaWiki core [0] changed the behavior of API warnings. We now get those at the first step, even if we don't handle them necessarily.

Could you try to reproduce this bug, and let us know if it still occurs? If so, the solution would likely be very different from before this patch.



As prototype is rather dead nowadays: Could you answer comment 4, and does this still happen on ?

I made a related change few days back so that error messages are more understandable.

Is this error still reproducible?

Unsure what else needs to be fixed here

No answers to questions in comment 4 to comment 6, hence closing.

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