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Add SDC to WLM India photos
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WLM India monuments come directly from Wikidata since 2019. The entire list of monuments can be navigated from here. The list include not only the designated heritage, but also the non-designated ones too.

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@Alicia_Fagerving_WMSE , I have removed the ASI template list from the task. The IDs have changed a lot recently, (see which differs from previous list) and we need to figure out first if we are actually going to use the ASI template or ID for WLM at all or not. I think, its best to stop the bot for that template for now until it can be figured out. I also think it would be best to revert your bot edits had which looked for P1371 and/or ASI template only and added P180 and P1071 as SDC.

I have started a discussion whether P1371 (ASI Monument ID) is needed anymore as identifier or not. -

I am currently deprecating the old ASI monument IDs one state at a time and then will be adding new IDs. It might take few months.

Lokal_Profil added a subscriber: Lokal_Profil.

Thanks @Bodhisattwa . Moving this to the backburner while you clean up. Please ping here when you are ready