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Investigate what's required to allow a user to fork or transfer a project to a group
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As seen on T293741 (and permissions issues on T296381 may be related), users who are:

  • at the owner level in a group
  • and that group is invited to another group at owner level

...don't seem to be able to fork or transfer a project to that group.

For example:

As a learning experiment I wanted to transfer this repo to

I tried following the doc at

However, in the settings panel I'm only given the option to transfer to (instead of my desired target).

I checked and this also doesn't allow forking to that namespace for @gmodena's user, although it was available to me as an admin.

This likely isn't a large problem for creating brand new repositories, but it's a hassle for people moving a project from a personal namespace to something more official, and probably also for various maintenance tasks.

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I can sort of get around this issue if I go to the the project group page (in my case repos/api-platform) > New project > Import project > import by URL or by GitLab exports. That seems like the only time the project group shows up as an option in the dropdown for me. It doesn't show up if I use any other import options, or if I get to the import page through the '+' button on the website header instead of the 'New project' button on the project group page.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2022-03-15T18:10:10Z] <brennen> gitlab: finished migrating access for all existing people groups to direct project membership (T274461, T300935)

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This may be resolved now that users are direct members of the project groups under /repos, rather than brought in by inviting /people groups. (See J273 for details.)

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I checked and it seems like the desired targets are available when a user has direct ownership of a project group.