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Allow setting page of PDF/Djvu from VisualEditor
Closed, DuplicatePublicFeature


Feature summary (what you would like to be able to do and where):
Allow editors to pick a specific page of a PDF or DJVU transclusion

Example: [[File:Ettelaat13420926.pdf|page=1|200px]]

Use case(s) (list the steps that you performed to discover that problem, and describe the actual underlying problem which you want to solve. Do not describe only a solution):
This option is hard to discover and requires you to turn to Wikisource editing right now to achieve it. It would be nice if the Image tool was able to detect paged media and make the page setting a primary option on the General tab of the image insertion wizard.

Benefits (why should this be implemented?):

  • Discoverability
  • Currently missing info in VE