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Coordinate and run "intro to Pywikibot framework" SWT workshop
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(for organizers and/or mentors)

More details on the workshop:

Detailed guide:

Before the workshop
  • Finalize on a topic
  • Recruit mentor(s)
  • Finalize on a date and time
  • Pick a communication medium for the workshop
  • Add details on a wiki page and setup a process for registration
  • Promote the workshop via mailing lists
  • Develop or review workshop material in collaboration w/ mentors (slides)
  • Send reminders to participants and share any prerequisites
    • Email reminder on mailing lists (done)
    • Message on talk pages of registered attendees via MassMessage (done)
    • Message on the workshops' talk page (done)
  • Message on the small wiki toolkits page (done)
During the workshop
  • Run a quick introduction round
  • Take notes (discussion questions, resources, attendees usernames and their wiki communities)
  • Facilitate and/or run the presentation
  • Record the meeting
  • Take a group photo
After the workshop
  • Share with all participants / mentor(s) link to join Telegram chat for follow-up conversations
  • Share a follow-up message and a feedback survey in 1-2 weeks
  • Add all attendees to a metrics data sheet for tracking contributions
  • Upload all workshop materials to Wikimedia Commons (Category:SWT)
  • Upload photo to Wikimedia Commons
  • Analyze survey results

Event Timeline

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Hi @srishakatux, I found some questions at during the Small wiki toolkits - Intro to Pywikibot framework and installation meeting. Are they answered already or may I help in this matter somehow? Possibly adding these to the would be a good place (too):

@Xqt Thank you! We replied to their questions after the workshop and told them that if there are follow-up questions, they can post here and one of you will follow-up.

Copying the notes from the etherpad:


UsernameWikiAdditional Info
User:ZI Jonyba
User:DnshitobudagGurene Wikimedia Community & Dagbani Wikimedians User Group
User:Mrb RafibaBangla wiki
User:BKing (WMF)enSite Reliability Engineer, Search Platform (and noob ;P )
User:HLepp (WMF)enWMF Technical Community Program Manager
User:Doc JamesenWiki Project Med Foundation
User:info-farmertaTamil wikimedia community (India)
User:KusharedckbCentral Kurdish Wikipedia (
Md. Golam Mukit Khanba


Discussion / questions

Hello, I already installed Pywikibot on my PC, but I have some questions (although I don't know if here is a good place and if it's a good time to ask here or not).

  • How can I add ckb messages to a script such as "ar", "fa" and others as you can see in the scripts. I done this in my own PC, but i want to do this in the original Pywikibot scripts.
    • You can look into how to contribute new translations to pywikibot scripts: If this doesn't answer your question, you can follow up on the pywikibot mailing list or IRC channel.

  • I created SSH code, but every time Git Bash asks me for a password to sign in. How can that be solved?
    • You probably wanted to know how to setup and use a "SSH agent". How to set this up is dependent on which ssh subsystem you are using, so you might want to do web search for this.
  • I did some edits with my account through crontab jobs, but how can I login my bot and do these things with my bot instead of my account?
  • If I had activated a group of crontab jobs, and for some reason my computer was damaged or lost, and users asked me to stop doing one or more jobs, what would happen or what should I do?
    • Yeah for this probably there isn't really you can do other than making sure that automated backups are set up in your computer.
  • About crontab jobs again, how does bot know that a new and orphaned article created? and adds an orphan tag on it immediately after publication? It's just an example to see how the process is performed.

As time goes on, I might ask more questions. Thanks :)

It might be done by following the real-time events from the wikis with For orphan pages specifically, action=query&list=querypage&qppage=Lonelypages is one way to get a list of pages that do not have any incoming wiki links. This report is only updated once per month on Wikimedia wikis.

  1. Is running a Pywikibot script on a local machine different from running a script on Toolforge?
    • Available libraries and their versions are likely to differ between a local machine and Toolforge, but assuming that at least the minimum requirements of the script are available on Toolforge there should not be a lot of difference. The main advantage of Toolforge over a local machine is the ability to add co-maintainers on Toolforge and that the computers in Toolforge are running and connected to the Internet at all times.
srishakatux updated the task description. (Show Details)