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Request on behalf of WikiTeq to maintain extension DiscussionThreading
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On behalf of WikiTeq, we're requesting to continue the maintenance of extension DiscussionThreading.

The extension is currently unmaintained (per the info alert atop of the page) and we'll want to pick this up.

NOTE: Request email on Wikitech-l is located here and there is a "WikiTeq" Gerrit group.

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I'm new to access requests, but I did a little research and the two authors listed on this extension haven't really been active since the 2008-2013 era. WikiTeq is a known group, so I see no problem. Do I have the right to approve this request? Who knows! :) If I do, then I approve. Otherwise, I can help figure it out. I don't seem to have the right to give you the actual rights. But I can petition for that as well. Sorry this is rambly, I'm trying to make a little noise on purpose since the access request process seems to have been dropped in the switch from TechCom to TDMF. I'm going to ping @kchapman to see what we can do about that.

@Milimetric, I'm not entirely sure of the whole process but I think adding the extension to the "WikiTeq" gerrit group should do. I don't know if there is something extra to do.

Maybe if you're a manager on Wikimedia Gerrit, you can go ahead and add the repo to the wikiteq group. Thanks!

@Jdpond , @Aklapper, I am a member of WikiTeq gerrit group. WikiTeq is a trusted organization according to Privilege_policy. We haven't got replies to our request in Wikitech-l.

Please, approve our request to continue maintaince of DiscussionThreading, WikiTeq uses the extension on its client's wiki and has supplied the latest patches:

@Elcapitan68 I may not understand this completely, but the right to this extension and every other extension is open source. Though I am listed as an approver, I have rarely stepped forward to this in the years stated - I kinda bailed off when Rob Church did, and don't even know how to get folk on the list as approvers. However, my original extensions (and even some of the root development I did) are actively modified and released all the time. If I knew how to help you, I would, but I don't - my apologies. Maybe Brion, TIm, or Chad can point you to the person to ask?

@Jdpond Thank you for the prompt response. We know it is open source. The case is that DiscussionThreading has no maintainer currently. This will lead to its abandonment, you can figure out the expected procedure from this task. So, WikiTeq wants to be added to the gerrit group you are the only member of. Could you please check if you are able to add us?

Only Gerrit administrators can add people, as requested by you:

Legoktm claimed this task.