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Allow searching for arbitrary position in Special:Nearby
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Feature summary

Currently Special:Nearby asks for the user’s geographical location, and shows only places around the location provided by the browser. It doesn’t allow setting an arbitrary position, and refuses to work if the user denies the access to their location. Setting an arbitrary position should be possible (and should not require access to the actual position).

Use cases

  • Use Nearby without the browser being enable to determine the user location, or with the browser determining the wrong location (e.g. IP address-based determination through VPN or proxy).
  • Use Nearby without granting access to the user location even if it would provide accurate results (security-minded users).
  • Explore other locations, for example find interesting places around a tourist destination one plans to visit.


Making the above use cases possible.

Background information

This used to be possible in the Android app version before it was sunset (T228661). I proposed this in the 2022 Community Wishlist wish Add a map to Special:Nearby (ranked #68 with 42 support votes), although the focus of the wish was T303813.

Event Timeline

@Jdlrobson The workboard is so empty that I didn’t notice that I can scroll horizontally… Thanks for merging!

Just a note, that there's 2 versions of Nearby currently.

  1. Legacy Nearby (
  2. Vue.js version of Nearby (

We're looking to deploy the 2nd version before any further feature development. I'm also hoping to get more community member maintainers for the extension if you know anyone who might be interested.

Yes, I’m aware of the migration/refactoring and agree that new features should be implemented only after the migration is finished. (Actually I created this ticket after I found a comment about the removal of Special:Nearby and tried to find out what’s going on. I’m glad that the removal referred only to from within MobileFrontend.)

I don’t know about anyone whom I would think to be interested in maintaining the extension, but if I become aware of someone, I’ll make sure to let them know about this exclusive offer. :)