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UploadWizard fails/freezes when there is a dupe among the described files
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When uploading multiple files (say three, two the same images and a third one).

In my case:

  • black.jpg
  • black.jpg (same)
  • SomeFileAlreadyOnCommons.jpg

When uploading it gave a warning on the third one about being a duplicate, it presented on option to remove it from the list and so I did.

The other two went through though, but no failure yet.

IN the description proces, after pressing Next the failure came.
It would keep spinning on "black.jpg (same)" for 20 minutes (kept it on in the background). I guess it wasn't prepared to encounter a duplicate (or whatever the problem is with uploading the second one).

  • Detect duplicates among uploads (low priority)
  • Don't freeze / everlasting spinbal without messaging the user if a file is a duplicate even though it passed the initial test (high priority)

The latter is especially important because it can not only happen with dupes among the uploads, but also if someone else uploaded it while I was describing the file.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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ibaker wrote:

Both of these appear to be fixed in the current version (r92213). Please give it a try and see if it's still broken.

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