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Message documentation for Extension:AddMediaWizard needed.
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There are several interface messages being used in the AddMediaWizard extension,
which are not or incompletely documentred, which can therefore not be translated
to other languages. These include at least:

  • MediaWiki:Mwe-fileexists
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-fileexists-thumb
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-upload-own-file
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-upload-not-my-file
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-upload-once-done
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-upload-in-new-win-link
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-upload-refresh
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-ie-inline-upload
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-results from
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-your-recent-uploads-to
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-not-logged-in-uploads (What does "action" mean? An URL?)
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-missing desc see source (minor)
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-ie-eye-permision (you do not mean that literally, do you?
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-upload-a-file-to
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-upload-a-file
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-resource page desc
  • MediaWiki:mwe-do_import_resource
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-preview insert resource
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-do-more-modification (Also check the wording: modificationS)
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-checking-resource
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-resource-needs-import
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-warning-upload-to-commons
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-local-upload-policy-link
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-am-kaltura-title (What is Kaltura?)
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-am-kaltura (What is Kaltura?)
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-am-this wiki-title (the difference to mwe-am-this wiki-desc?)
  • MediaWiki:Mwe-am-this wiki-desc (the difference to mwe-am-this wiki-title?)

Please add their usage (button, tooltip, text, ...), context, paramaters, parameter types and descriptions, wether or not several ambiguous words are verbs or nouns (e.g. "upload"), interrelations between messages, and what else is needed for translators.


  • MediaWiki:mwe-no-import-by-url

appears to have an improper mix of HTML inline und block elements.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 11:28 PM
bzimport set Reference to bz28557.

mdale wrote:

Thanks for the detailed report.

The most recent version of the AMW swaps the "inline upload component" for the UploadWizard. So quite a few upload messages will be deprecated.

Updating the messages given their use context also sounds like a good idea. Do we have message key style guidelines anywhere?

I will try and clean this up next week.

Do we have message key style guidelines anywhere?
is one rudimentary one. I was not able to spot another adding to the information there.

Missing message documentation blocks proper l10n.

mdale wrote:

Thanks for the update. Can we put this extension in stealth mode. I won't have time to revive efforts here add message documentation etc, until post Timed Media Handler deployment.

This report has been in ASSIGNED status for more than one year and you are set as its assignee. In case that you are not actively working on a fix, please reset the bug status to NEW/UNCONFIRMED.
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(In reply to comment #5)

This report has been in ASSIGNED status for more than one year

(In reply to comment #4)

Thanks for the update. Can we put this extension in stealth mode.

This was done a while ago given that AMW is obsoleted, and as far as I understand it will still be.