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Interface messages needing rewording or documentation and other issues with existing messages (tracking)
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Replacing of this tracking task to a proper project is under discussion at T140077.

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Krinkle updated the task description. (Show Details)
Krinkle updated the task description. (Show Details)
Krinkle removed a subscriber: wikibugs-l-list.
Aklapper added subtasks: T43578: Show system messages documentation on their wiki pages, T33032: Provide a way to easily add external links to messages, T31927: CentralAuth using wrong Language on Special:MergeAccount, T31357: CategoryTree should have built-in localizable support for pretty Categorytree-member-num, T31170: [[MediaWiki:Enotif body]] needs GENDER support, T28734: Warning messages should handle redirects, T26521: "code error!" shouldn't be hard coded, T21895: Fold identical messages, or state that they should or could be different., T20522: Wrap MediaWiki:Protect-cascadeon in a div for identification, T32729: Not all numbers are localised in AbuseFilter, T30920: Allowing HTML tag to identify e.g. English text embedded in a non-English page, T25239: Page looks wrong when deleting conflict occurs, T24769: MediaWiki:Enotif body: Replace named Parameter, T19865: Mismatched input syntax for Cite error messages, T19148: The warning about editing a semi-protected page can display an irrelevant edit summary, T18175: Clean up the rendering of messages displayed at the top of the edit window, T18111: MediaWiki:Cascadeprotected and MediaWiki:Cascadedprotectedwarning should take the same parameters, T18026: MediaWiki:Revision-info should accept wikimarkup, T15000: Allow Blockedtext start with == heading ==, T12573: Edit conflict after deletion should not show a diff between contents and "missingarticle" message, T4453: [[Special:Allmessages]] should provide information about the type of the MediaWiki message, T4358: Better error message on submit failure?, T16176: Add ability to disable MediaWiki messages.Aug 6 2018, 10:12 AM