Interface messages needing rewording or documentation and other issues with existing messages (tracking)

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T4007: Tracking bug (tracking)
T20521: System messages structure (tracking)
Blocked By
T91143: Flow: Move Echo formatting to formatter
T90732: The messages Centralauth-account-unattached-exists and Centralauth-account-rename-exists should tell the user what to do
T87314: Special:UploadWizard gives undescriptive error message upon too long filename
T85924: SVG upload should have more specific error (warning) message when blocking
T75387: A missing condition in templates
T75165: "Pages transcluded onto the current version of this page:" could be clearer
T75123: Replace usage of centralauth-account-exists with userexists
T69971: UFO flow-error-invalid-moderation-state
T69972: "Add Message" must be replaced by direct quotation of relevant button
T69967: Flow contains obscure "suppress" terminology
T69968: flow-rc-topic-of-board is undocumented
T69964: Untranslatable timestamps in linkfilter-ago
T69965: Untranslatable timestamps in moodbar-feedback-response-helpful-summary, moodbar-feedback-response-summary
T69963: Untranslatable timestamps in ep-timeline-ago
T69962: Untranslatable timestamps in comments-time-ago
T69961: Untranslatable timestamps in poll-ago, poll-time-ago
T69960: Untranslatable timestamps in timedmedia-in-job-queue, timedmedia-started-transcode
T73225: in the iOS app, the main-menu-account-logout message should display the username differently
T69944: notification-user-rights-add doesn't use localised user group name
T69942: Links on notification-page-linked, -bundle, -flyout etc.
T69628: i18n translations strings for 'yes' and 'no' are used in multiple questions
T69484: tooltip with message 'revreview-failed' contains plain html
T72639: [REGRESSION]: Error message not parsed exposing plain HTML
T64306: Need error message and/or better design for thumbnails broken due to megapixel limit
T70812: Hovercards "monitor" options are unclear and hard to translate
T62595: Tooltip text for watchlist button assumes knowledge of the concept of watchlist
T62594: MediaWiki:Watchnologintext needs returnto parameter
T69274: Core message reuse
T60858: Split up blockedtext into different messages for username block, and IP block and for an IP range block
T69192: The message Flow-preview-warning is too technical
T64067: The values for each "Show"/"Hide" link in recent changes / watchlist options box ('rcshowhideminor' etc.) should be localizable per the show/hide state
T60638: System message "Wminc-search-nocreate-suggest" using wrong params ($2 instead of $3)
T69023: AJAX review errors show HTML markup in notification
T74078: The real name explanation in Preferences is sometimes misleading
T62243: TMH player not supported message confusing to users
T63904: Some Echo issues of GENDER and untranslatability
T63901: Some message documentation/PLURAL issues
T63902: Some lego or message documentation issues
T60449: "Show"/"Hide" links in recent changes / watchlist options box should be localizable per item
T73908: Rephrase message "coll-book_creator_intro"
T73888: OAuth dialog text is unclear and sounds more scary than it is
T60228: message 'cascadeprotectedwarning' needs rewording for $wgCascadingRestrictionLevels
T58655: "social security numbers" in <revdelete-suppress-text> is USA centric
T55311: Wording of "unknown gender" option in English is unclear
T58546: Display file format of preview if different format from original file
T58522: Remove 'wrongpassword' message reuse on Special:ChangeEmail
T63419: Improving message "databaseerror-text"
T61670: Uploading too many files in more than one batch creates error message with confusing numbers
T55098: Change [[MediaWiki:Watchlist-details]] as discussed
T55017: Label for link to original uploaded PDF says "Full resolution" instead of something like "Download file"
T58235: Installer should say "Your username" instead of "Your Name" to be consistent with MW login UI
T58194: Password reset button text overflows in some languages
T54861: Separate login, logout and create account personal tools messages from messages used as special page titles
T58121: Text of "learn more" link is awkward for local files
T64778: aggregate list of non user-friendly messages on Wikidata
T59619: Cite: Error message for an empty reference should be more appropriate and helpful
T56524: Missing message <mwe-upwiz-undefined>
T49815: "Leave feedback" link has confusing scope
T56460: Missing message <api-error-stasherror> in connection with the UploadWizard
T49792: Use separate email placeholder message when creating an account for someone else
T56433: Messages about talk pages are not completely adapted to non-talk namespaces
T56420: Fix wording of action-import message
T57980: In Special:Watchlist, "Show/Hide logged-in users" should be "Show/Hide registered users"
T49694: "Remember me" on Login interface should state duration
T49686: Hide "(optional)" when I check "Use a temporary random password and send it to the email address specified below"
T62847: ipbreasonotherlist message appears to be missing for special:Centralauth
T49573: Add "Spam"/"Junk" as a default deletion reason
T46205: rename userrights to usergroups
T46195: wikieditor-toolbar-help-content-*-result: Unknown operation "ns"
T59284: the message articlefeedbackv5-help-transparency-terms-anon is English-specific
T44333: Project-neutral interface
T59218: Get rid of "Do not forget to change your <wiki name> preferences."
T47756: Rename to Education program
T44231: MediaWiki:Globalblocking-ipblocked should have a specific message for WMF projects
T57680: Several i18n/l10n issues in OAuth
T47728: Wikibase-deletedentity probably needs to be split to several messages
T44228: Login error message for blacklisted user autocreation shows markup
T49372: Other image CAPTCHAs can be confusing without intended message
T46009: On new page patrol, message says "this change" even if patrolling just page not current revision
T45984: Drop misleading "donate" term
T50920: String should say "log of blocked IPs", not "log of blocking IPs"
T45939: HTML markup shown in "Username taken in unified login" message error
T45935: Info action's "search engine status" language could use tweaking
T45933: Make clear that Special:ActiveUsers count also log entries (except newusers log)
T45922: Assistance link in explanation message
T54224: Clarify or improve several configuration settings messages
T54191: Badly formatted login error when username banned from creation
T49217: improve message "Site link … already used by item …." by changing to "…used by another item …"
T47469: The <Centralauth-error-locked> message sucks and needs improvement
T45776: permission error message contains wiki code
T47461: Use 'email' instead of 'e-mail' for English messages
T47415: Mention potentially missing </ref> tag in Cite error message
T42292: notification-edit-talk-page has hardcoded brackets
T48995: Username validation message does not describe failure reason, only "You have not specified a valid username"
T48965: "Please wait before trying again." message (login-throttled) should specify how long you have to wait
T55655: Special:ChangeEmail and Special:ChangePassword reuse login-throttled
T45528: Non-friendly error message if user supplies wrong database password during install
T40625: Add count parameter to MediaWiki:Contest-welcome-active-contests
T40624: Better wording needed in MediaWiki:Contest-contest-reminder-page
T40620: Drop words "left column" from MediaWiki:Contest-contest-contestants-text
T45504: add link to an extensions portal onto last installation screen
T45505: Two spaces in 'donate interface-bank transfer message'
T45501: 'allmessagestext' and 'editinginterface' messages are in en-gb
T45502: Use of {{int:allpagessubmit}}: Either rename or give each special page it's own message
T40597: Rephrase the "help protect the wiki" CAPTCHA requests
T40595: MediaWiki:Mobile-frontend-page-menu-language recycling
T45496: Summary field with 4 tildes should have its own separate message
T40592: MediaWiki:Articlefeedback contains spurious info
T40591: MediaWiki:Articlefeedbackv5-error-abuse prevents localisation
T45483: MediaWiki:Moodbar-privacy and MediaWiki:Moodbar-privacy-link use lego
T45480: MediaWiki:Pagetriage-no-patrol-right is confusing
T40576: Merge MediaWiki:Wm-license-self-one-license and MediaWiki:Wm-license-self-multiple-licenses
T45479: MediaWiki:Pagetriage-tags-tooltip is too negative
T45473: Messages are missing message documentation (/qqq)
T43629: the message mobile-frontend-on (and -off) is recycled and causes incorrect translations
T47140: protection bubbles tell you you're blocked
T40470: Filename already in use should help you forward
T40466: Add link to user page for anonymous user on contribsub message (subtitle of Special:Contributions)
T45377: account name to similar should specify if other account is non-local
T45376: Messages are missing message documentation (/qqq)
T45368: Email reminder should mention to visit the page *while logged in*
T45337: Internal extension description outdated
T43482: MediaWiki:Movepage-moved not properly escaping file names with $ character in them.
T40388: MediaWiki:Config-support-info is confusing, needs rewording
T40389: MediaWiki:Fogg-videoCodec-help doesn't escape HTML
T40378: Revision deletion terminology is confusing, mixes hiding with deleting etc.
T40377: Fix MediaWiki:Continue-editing
T45302: Drop the term "autoconfirmed" from user interface
T40367: MediaWiki:Globalblocking-blocked should tell the IP range
T45283: InfoAction doesn't take namespace protection into account
T46947: Remove "requires JavaScript" from preference texts
T40349: Project-neutral interface (for instance use "{{SITENAME}}" instead of "Wikipedia")
T55438: Change centralauth-admin-status-locked-yes
T43405: "This image rendered as PNG in other sizes" string could mention "width"
T45239: Change the description of the primary sources tag
T40303: confusing error message when uploading a file with filename is not allowed: "This title contains some undesirable characters. Please remove them."
T38796: The message centralnotice-top-ten-languages is unclear
T46863: Unintelligible string 'maps-displaymap-par-visitedicon'
T46861: Change possessive in rcshowhidemine message to be something less personal
T40261: Incorrect license cited for Wikinews
T45172: Reword some messages on account creation interface for logged in users
T50126: MediaWiki:Donate interface-submit-my-secure-donation needs documentation
T40240: "for all changes since your last visit" WRONG
T50125: MediaWiki:Mobile-frontend-photo-ownership needs GENDER support
T36948: file history revert message should mention time is using UTC
T45100: WikiLove should show a human-readable error for wikilove-err-send-api error
T40116: Log message for "protect" action should contain performer name
T48395: MediaWiki:Donate interface-error-msg-field-correction not properly translatable due to several grammatical genders
T43212: Display more meaningful message in case of adding a site-link to a page which is linked to from another item already
T38607: Many messages missing message documentation and meaningless qqq content (SRF 1.8 rc2)
T38608: Many parameters and other messages not documented (1.7.1)
T43189: Messages are missing message documentation (/qqq)
T45009: "This title contains some undesirable characters. Please remove them." is not helpful
T46668: Add email recipient username as a parameter to emailuser confirmation
T49935: Message not properly parsed: Link is not a link, improper markup
T49916: Be more helpful when (un)watching via JavaScript fails due to invalid token
T44913: Possible to create page in item namespace (was: Better error message if default MW main page already exists)
T44898: Donate interface-error-msg no longer used?
T44885: MediaWiki:Moodbar-action-item is unclear
T44882: Articlefeedbackv5-special-filter-* messages are unclear, need documentation
T44884: MediaWiki:Moodbar-privacy is unclear
T44877: MediaWiki:Articlefeedbackv5-bucket2-praise-label is unclear, needs documentation
T46564: Error Messages from maint scripts should be clearer when db connection type doesn't exist for CLI
T44878: MediaWiki:Articlefeedbackv5-activity-count needs documentation
T44879: MediaWiki:ArticleFeedback-copy-below-highlow-tables is redundant
T44875: MediaWiki:Articlefeedbackv5-form-anon-message is unclear and undocumented, probably wrong
T44876: MediaWiki:Articlefeedbackv5-bucket5-report-ratings needs PLURAL support
T44873: MediaWiki:Articlefeedbackv5-log-helpful should use new log system and support GENDER
T44874: MediaWiki:Articlefeedbackv5-log-clear-flags should use new log system and support GENDER
T44872: MediaWiki:Articlefeedbackv5-log-undo-helpful should use new log system and support GENDER
T44870: MediaWiki:Articlefeedbackv5-log-unhelpful should use new log system and support GENDER
T44871: MediaWiki:Articlefeedbackv5-log-undo-unhelpful should use new log system and support GENDER
T44869: MediaWiki:Articlefeedbackv5-viewactivity has no docs
T44868: MediaWiki:Wikibase-error-relational-save-failed is impossible to understand
T44864: MediaWiki:Pageinfo-recent-edits cannot use formatDuration in non-nominative context
T44859: Missing/broken parameters in creditssource-source-work msg in German and Italian Wikivoyage Wikis.
T46507: grammatical error(s) in message MediaWiki:Permissionserrors
T48169: "You are blocked from editing." is not appropriate for protected items.
T46497: Simplify and remove jargon from protection level
T46486: MediaWiki should not refer to password reset e-mails as reminders
T41259: Messages with long technical strings are hard to translate
T39768: Tweak message 'wb-special-createitem-new-item-notification'
T34683: Action permissions error uses patchwork messages and produces half-translated sentences
T39718: Button says "cancel" instead of "OK"
T31444: Arbitrary inconsistent wording and casing in English history diffs: "Latest" vs "newer"
T32997: Rename "MediaWiki:bookmanager-desc" to "MediaWiki:bm-bookmanager-desc"
T32995: BookManager shoun't use coll-collections and coll-community_book_prefix directly
T39670: Grammar problems with UI messages
T39669: notification-edit-talk-page request for clarification
T38149: Unsuitable default texts in the extension
T31323: articlefeedback-pitch-thanks should be in singular form if the user submits only one rating
T46297: Add "Your e-mail address will not be published" to MediaWiki:Requestaccount-acc-text
T46267: Interface uses "video" regardless of media type in several places
T46248: Minor tweak to MediaWiki:Readonlywarning
T31230: CustomUserSignup extension can't customize "MediaWiki:Fancycaptcha-createaccount"
T37987: Ambiguous "Password:" header on Special:ChangeEmail
T36185: login-progress message should be in past tense, not present
T29545: Extension:reCAPTCHA has badly worded message
T37907: History action should use Language::formatSize to display page size instead of long raw byte count
T40894: Bad escaping of characters in Titleblacklist-forbidden-new-account when triggered
T40870: "sighted" term in review checkbox seems the wrong word
T31032: Reword MediaWiki:Nosuchuser as to say "are case sensitive, except the first letter" instead of "are case sensitive"
T34237: [[MediaWiki:Emailuser]] needs GENDER
T34215: [Wikimedia Messages] Change all sitesupport-url to a https URL
T40781: Messages needing PLURAL support (tracking)
T30843: Cite error uses lego messages breaking localisation and customisation, should be deprecated
T27608: MediaWiki:Fundraiserstats-tab-ytd should not contain (USD)
T39219: centralauth-account-exists-reset should give link to a wiki where the account exists
T32445: Modify MediaWiki:Revdelete-reason-dropdown
T32443: GENDER (tracking)
T34052: Improve "noarticletext-nopermission" message
T34053: Improve "actionthrottledtext" message mentioning abuse filter
T30746: "Restore deleted thread" page lacks subject
T39127: UW will not create a category but it tells so
T27442: Message MediaWiki:coll-load_local_book message: "Cancel" and "Ok" are untranslated in the subwindow
T25594: Improve the error message presented when attempting to undelete a page for which the topmost revision is hidden
T30617: Useractivity-* interface messages and their documentation are unclear
T32246: MediaWiki:Lqt-sign-not-necessary renders "<nowiki>" tags verbatim
T30557: Message documentation for Extension:AddMediaWizard needed.
T28966: Improve revision deletion messages - suppressed messages are visible only for oversighters
T23798: No error message for omitted </ref> tag
T33816: Improve the wording of gender selection option
T32127: MediaWiki:badaccess-groups should specify which action is not allowed.
T28845: Include language name placeholder in message livetranslate-translate-to
T27163: Improve user feedback in html detected upload error
T27159: $1 not filled into message MediaWiki:Lqt-marked-as-read-placeholder
T23564: Overhaul original English messages of the QPoll extension
T32035: link not parsed correctly in Special:MergeAccount (german)
T27034: Post move log is unclear
T37288: the message articlefeedbackv5-disable-flyover-help-location is poorly placed and not needed anyway
T37272: Account creation messages inconsistent
T26975: Special:Upload does not reflect changes to MediaWiki:Uploadtext
T31964: Add $2 parameter to message Mwe-upwiz-source-thirdparty-license
T35439: Logout page instructions do not reflect $wgGroupPermissions
T35435: Add MediaWiki:Multiboilerplate to the Admin Links page
T35394: For [[MediaWiki:Lqt hist comment edited/en]] external link icon is shown
T35327: Unclear scope of "Restore all default settings" button (resets settings in *all* tabs)
T35328: prefs-searchoptions - wrong wording
T26751: MediaWiki:Config-welcome seems misleading, make clearer user should provide debug output etc. when asking for help
T30033: MediaWiki:Specialpages-note lacks a headline and appears displaced
T28384: Improve vector-desc message
T37026: "oversighter", "oversight", "unoversight", "hide" and "unhide" messages are very unclear
T21592: Two default wording of some revision deletion messages needs changing
T20277: Message Abusefilter-diff-version needs date/time separated, and GENDER support
T26497: When editing header, the "header" tab should be "edit header" on monobook to be clear
T22976: Refinement of 'searchmenu-new' message for users without create permission and searches without results
T24672: Inconsistent naming in RevisionDelete
T28133: href="" is not OK for a dummy link
T16590: MediaWiki:Prefs-memberingroups should be top-aligned and not followed by a colon
T20098: MediaWiki:Globalblocking-block-intro should match MediaWiki:Blockiptext
T28022: On watchlist page "days all" should be reworded to "| up to 90 days".
T14701: "(last change)" in new messages box should link to combined diff of all changes since last visit
T26290: MediaWiki:Watchlistfor is pretty pointless/redundant
T24457: Explain better the meaning of "By e-mail" button
T19842: Alter MediaWiki:Recordadmin-needscontent
T21104: Allow splitting of date and time in message 'rclistfrom'
T26152: Message: searchsuggest-containing ("containing..." in search suggestions) confusing
T12827: Make MediaWiki:Sharedupload point to Commons with lang setting of that wiki
T19744: Add username parameter to block-related interface messages
T16107: Clean text in MediaWiki:Deletereason-dropdown before creating a select box from them.
T11128: Split newarticletext to a separate message shown on empty IP talk pages
T20561: Include input field as parameter $1 in message "sf createcategory makesubcategory"
T20560: Include form name as $1 in message "sf createproperty linktoform"
T20559: "Right-hand-side" in the message "sf createtemplate infoboxformat" may be wrong in RTL wikis
T20515: mediawiki:smw_querytoolarge needs PLURAL support
T13665: Make addedwatchtext message, shown after adding talk page to watchlist, less verbose
T17259: Log entries use bad grammar
T13600: Wording change on "create new account" and addition of a new system message
T19029: Session failure warning message ('sessionfailure') gives bad advice
T6667: More comprehensive protection info instead of undescriptive protect and unprotect tab
T13454: User list includes MediaWiki:Viewprevnext without rendering markup.
T2398: Improve MediaWiki:Dberrortext to link to a config-defined status page
T18690: Re-work messaging about global account status [[Special:Preferences]] once all accounts are SUL accounts
T13056: Closing bracket skipped in emailed links
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Severity: normal
Whiteboard: gci2014

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Nemo_bis created this task.Via LegacyJul 24 2012, 11:54 AM
Nemo_bis added a comment.Via ConduitJul 25 2012, 1:10 PM

Note: in this first bunch I've not included bugs which require not (only) rewording but (also) addition of new messages or different way to show messages (for instance splitting an error message so that it's more specific).

Nemo_bis added a comment.Via ConduitJul 25 2012, 6:19 PM

Bugs asking for plural or gender support should have their own tracking bug (if there isn't a suitable one yet) and have not been added as blockers of this.

Nemo_bis added a comment.Via ConduitAug 29 2012, 3:40 PM

(In reply to comment #2)

Bugs asking for plural or gender support should have their own tracking bug (if
there isn't a suitable one yet) and have not been added as blockers of this.

Those should be bug 38781 and bug 30443.
Of course the TWN page at the URL lists "a few" [dozens] more issues not [yet] filed as bug.

Dinoguy1000 added a comment.Via ConduitAug 29 2012, 10:34 PM

(In reply to comment #3)

(In reply to comment #2)
> Bugs asking for plural or gender support should have their own tracking bug (if
> there isn't a suitable one yet) and have not been added as blockers of this.

Those should be bug 38781 and bug 30443.

Should those two be marked as blocking this bug?

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