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Allowing HTML tag to identify e.g. English text embedded in a non-English page
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There are several bugs such as Bug 28300 that ask for (limited, specific) inline html elements being allowed in messages of the user interface.

A recurring example are untranslated english technical terms appearing embedded in native sentences. It is good html, good for search engines and other text analysing tools, good for speech generators and screen reading devices, when those terms are properly tagged as English. This requires an inline element such as <span lang="en"> or similar, wrapped around them. It is usually not posing a problem when it is allowed in normal messages rendered as visible html text.

For messages used in contexts where html elements cannot be used, see bug 28919

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Narrowing the request to the case explained above and moving to i18n in order to gather the atention of maintainers sensitive with multilingual content.

So, any page content or UI component that uses wikitext for output can use <span lang="en">blah</span> already.

As I understand the problem is that folks would like to do this in messages that are plaintext...

Possibilities include:

  • change those messages from plaintext to wikitext (are there performance issues, or issues with being able to render things for JavaScript client-side usage?)
  • add a new message format that does some kind of restricted HTML, use that in place of plaintext/wikitext/raw HTML.
  • ???

Functions of XML and Html classes don't accept message objects. Currently it is all or nothing escaping there.

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