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Not all numbers are localised in AbuseFilter
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in abuse filter's raw numbers are in English would you please convert them to Persian one

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Low.Nov 21 2014, 11:55 PM
bzimport added projects: AbuseFilter, I18n.
bzimport set Reference to bz30729.

Should be just formatNum()s sprinkled in the code. Maybe the extension author could do it easily?

Shrikanth volunteered on this during bug triage. Brain has offered to mentor.

Created attachment 9070
Fixes the non-localized numbers

Since the bug is already assigned to someone, I didn't commit the change but rather post it here to assist Srikanth with fixing the bug.


Thanks Huji. There are more places which needs the fix. I am hitting over AbuseFilterViewRevert.php for sometime now and hopefully get all of them soon.

Should the input also be modified to accept i18n numerals ? Special:AbuseFilter/test/ page has option to load a filter by ID.

I don't think so. In other places where MediaWiki accepts numbers, it always expects them to be in English-style numerals. I think it is a good practice to stick to the tradition in extensions too.

Fixed with r100016. Sorry, I was not aware of this bug. It was not my intention to "steal" an easy bug from a novice developer.