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CentralAuth using wrong Language on Special:MergeAccount
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Author: Trminator

On Special:MergeAccount, the Name of the WikiGroup is currently given as the one Listed as the one given in MediaWiki:Centralauth-groupname instead of the one in int:Centralauth-groupname.

Due to that, it will be always in the language of the Wiki Installation instead of the user-selected locale.

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Severity: normal



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thor.malmjursson wrote:

Not so, I've just opened Special:MergeAccount from, with my locale selected as the Hindi Language / Devanagari script, and the whole page is in Hindi. If the language of the installation was being overridden, it would come up in English, no?

thor.malmjursson wrote:

Image of Special:MergeAccount on taken with Ksnapshot

This is the Special:MergeAccount page from, note I have my local language set to Hindi, and the page is appearing IN Hindi, not in the language of the Wiki Installation.


DAB5.jpeg (768×1 px, 157 KB)

thor.malmjursson wrote:

And a screenshot of Special:MergeAccount from with my locale pref set to en-GB

This one is with the prefs set to English-GB for my local language. It's working fine :)


DAB6.jpeg (768×1 px, 164 KB)

Trminator wrote:

Well, go to (which is where Special:MergeAccount leads on de.) with a en locale.

You will find this:

Once your login is unified, you will be able to log in to any wiki site of der Wikimedia Foundation without creating a new account.

(notice the "of der Wikimedia Foundation" there. Should be "of the", shouldn't it? ;))

Got the same issue on another, private wiki, which has a German installation too, so it might be specific to this?

thor.malmjursson wrote:

I think it possibly is. I'll file a request for the localisation to be looked at, it's possibly just a mistake in the localisation for the german language version.

Thanks for the link, I'll pass it on.

No-L wrote:

on your wiki its different - compare 'centralauth-merge-welcome' in your language here:

In the english and german version there is {{MediaWiki:Centralauth-groupname}} included in the message - that directs to the installation language of your wiki, not to the local pref language like in {{int:Centralauth-groupname}}.

These are the messages with the (same) bug:

This issue seems to be fixed, but I found another issue :)

You have to be more specific than "it".

I guess this is about {{MediaWiki:Centralauth-groupname}} in centralauth-merge-welcome, right?

No-L wrote:

I refered to my previous comment:

These are the messages with the (same) bug:

In those it is {{MediaWiki:Centralauth-groupname}}, but in my opinion it should be {{int:Centralauth-groupname}}

Centralauth-groupname contains language-specific text (i.e. "the" in English, "der" in German) and should therefore be used with "int:" instead od "MediaWiki:".

The Problem occurs, if for example I am using a German wiki with user-language set to English and vince-versa. With "MediaWiki:" it is replaced with the language of the wiki instead of the user-language.

akshay.leadindia wrote:

Fixed in r97168