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Enable namespace "Mutirões:" for WIkimedia Brasil
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Please, enable the namespaces:

'brwikimedia' => array(

120 => 'Mutirão',
121 => 'Mutirão_Discussão',


Because this wiki is used by a group called "Mutirões" (see: [[m:Mutirões pelo Conhecimento Livre]]) and by Wikimedia Brazil members.

I think is a good idea enable the subpages to this namespaces too (if is possible, of course).


[[m:user:Sir Lestaty de Lioncourt]]

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Severity: enhancement



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If you go to Special:Recentchanges on br.wikimedia you can view that this *coordination wiki* (not a *project wiki*) neither have a community big enought to build consensus


Well, in principle you don't need a big community to have consensus, two people can reach consensus. In fact even one person can be said to be in consensus with itself. hehe

My deliriums aside, in this particular case I am not sure that a namespace should be created, as this would exclude from default searches what I understand to be the main content of the wiki.

Anyways, let's find a proper place to discuss this - actually there already is one, see Wikimedia:Ágora/Namespace ;)

555, I'm leaving a message on your talk page over at br.wikimedia.



PS: mark, thank you for your caution

New namespaces created per comment 0.

@Chad H.

Please revert this, as per the other comments we're still discussing how to organize information on that wiki.




Please come back when you've got some consensus with what you want


Yes, and thank you, we're really sorry for the trouble.


Please leave the bug closed till you have some action, makes organisation of open bugs easier

What is the status here? I notice that brwikimedia has pages beginning with "Mutirão:", but no actual namespace exists. You really should get the namespace created properly if you want to use it.

There's nothing new.

Those pages are just there as redirects, nobody's trying to use the namespace.

I suggest we permanently marks this bug resolved - am doing that.

Thanks and cheers