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Remove previous test screenshots folder when running `./pixel.js test`
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With each run of ./pixel.js test, a new folder is created under report/test-screenshots that contains the screenshots for the current run. Each run currently creates around 20 MB of images so running the ./pixel.js test command can quickly lead to an undesirable number of screenshot folders. Ideally, there would only be one folder that contains the latest test screenshots and older folders would be deleted.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Running ./pixel.js test does not create additional folders that contain the test screenshots. There should only be a max of one folder.

Event Timeline

@Jdlrobson This is also ready for the kanban board whenever there is space/time

@nray do we know how we'll do this or does this need some analysis?

I envisioned this wouldn't require much more than running a rm -rf report/test-screenshots command before the ./pixel.js test command starts and can done entirely inside pixel.js. I don't think it needs analysis

nray claimed this task.

Will be done as part of T307936