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[DRAFT] Content and section translation research: workflow and unified experience analysis
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With the finalization of the content_translation_event instrument, we will have access to data on user workflows in all three translation modes: desktop article translation, desktop section translation, and mobile section translation.

The purpose of this task is to analyze and compare data obtained on each of these workflows so that we can have a better understanding of how users engage with the Content Translation tool across all available entry points on each platform type.

Proposed questions:

  • How frequently is each entry point used? Which entry points lead to the most publications?
  • What is the average duration from the time a translation is started until it is published?
  • How many translations are part of a sequence for the user? For example, what percent of users start a new translation after completing one because they were invited back to translate (related to T317995)

[To be further detailed populated during the planning phase]


  • Define the research questions
  • Confirm the availability of data and identify any requirements needed to answer the proposed question
  • Develop roadmap with anticipated timelines for the planned deliverables
  • Begin Analysis

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