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Keep relevant section-level image suggestions
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A visual topic isn't necessarily a relevant one.
For instance, given Amarante#Economia:

  • Vinho verde would be relevant
  • FM is just because there's a local FM radio channel, and should not be suggested

Hence, we need to filter non-relevant visual topics.

Relevance signals

Given a (wiki, page, section, visual topic) tuple, we envision the following visual topic relevance signals:

  1. strong - if there is at least one matching image available in the target section of other wikis
  2. normal - if there is at least one matching visual topic in the target section of other wikis

Event Timeline

mfossati renamed this task from Filter relevant section-level image suggestions to Keep relevant section-level image suggestions.Jul 1 2022, 11:19 AM

@mfossati can we take advantage of the blue links relevance score from T311750 for part of this?

@CBogen: yes, I think it can cater for the second signal.
Since that relevance score corresponds to the frequency of a given section topic / blue link across wikis, half of the job is already done: we just need to use that score as a filter condition, i.e., if score > 1, then there's at least another wiki with the given section topic.

On the other hand, it seems to me that the score is computed regardless of aligned sections, so further investigation is needed to understand how to effectively use it.

Leaving in the backlog until we see the results of T316151; if not needed, we will close.

@mfossati is this still relevant?

It was somehow replaced by a different approach in T330773: [L] Make refinements to and incorporate P18 based section-level image suggestions.
The proposed signals look like a complementary effort, so I'd keep this ticket in the backlog.
Low priority for sure.