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Request for a "request an article" extension
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Author: yonidebest

This special-page extension should be a form which allows the user to request a new article. The form includes a textbox and a submit button. The user will enter the requested article name in the textbox and then click submit. The server will then check if the page already exists. If it does - the user will be alerted. If it doesnt exists, the server will check the "requests table" (a new table) to see if it has ever been requested. If it has been requested, the counter will be increased. If not - the article will be added to the table. The user will given the results.

The special page will also allow to see which articles are currently requested and how many times (i.e. put them in a descending table or list).

Upon creating a new article, the server will check if the page exists in the requests table and remove it from there if it does.

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Severity: enhancement



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bugs wrote:

Possible additional features: notify me when created (use account email or insert email) and text box for them to give details about article topic

yonidebest wrote:

Nice. Also, perhaps we should also log removing articles from the table and have the ability to re-add them (in cases of vandelism by creating a new article with rubbish in it etc.)

I would like to work on this extension (I have already started). My approach is to provide the user with a textbox, an email field (if he needs notification) and a submit button. I also propose adding a duplicates feature, as we have in bugzilla (when requesting new bugs);the duplicates will show links to similar articles that already exist or to the requests table(if request has already been made). The Special page will also show a requests table and comments(we need a comment feature too).

The table of requests will be updated on creation of the article, however it will still display in the table in a separate section called "Requests Resolved" or something similar.

The aim is to make the task automated.Any comments are most welcome.

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