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UploadWizard: add custom license wikitext option
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Author: neilk

For users who want a license which is not available in the configured list, or is somehow modified by other templates, add an special option for free wikitext.

This option should itself be configurable (i.e. you can choose not to have it)

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Severity: normal



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neilk wrote:

Assigning to Jeroen as it is a highly requested feature & he should be familiar with this aspect from the WLM work

neilk wrote:

Unfortunately that was not really what we were after. I'm asking Jeroen to revert r96988 and I made a more explicit spec here:

And I'm trying to get community feedback here:

So, can I start tackling this, or do we wait for more community feedback?

neilk wrote:

Jeroen: personally I'm no longer sure what the right implementation is. A textarea is easy, but we ought to ensure that an accepted license tag is eventually invoked by that wikitext. And I see no obvious way to do that programmatically. I thought that if there was some sort of hook that we could invoke on template transclusions, but that doesn't seem to exist, and even if it did we would only want it when parsing this special kind of wikitext... so not practical.

So, the other answer is to do an autocompletion field with items drawn from Category:License tags. That makes a lot more sense to me. And we don't have to deal with the {{self| }} variants because this is only for third party stuff anyway. I don't know if any of those License tags need arguments or if we can just invoke them by name.

What do you think?

Anyway I could wait another day or two... I only asked for feedback on Friday when most Europeans were asleep.

+1 for the autocompletion field. This seems the most simple and elegant solution.

Anyway I could wait another day or two...

Sure. Please poke me when I ought to start on it then :)

neilk wrote:

I'm actually about to commit this myself. I ended up changing things a bit, it was harder than it looks.

Oh, cool - assigned to you then :)

saibotrash wrote:

file page tag: SUBST:custom (like it is set up with {{uwl}}) please otherwise we Commons people are not able to add e.g. date tags.

saibotrash wrote:

(In reply to comment #10)
Oh, but please tell me before switching it live. The template on commons needs to be adjusted for this.

saibotrash wrote:

{{subst:custom license marker added by UW}} would be fine now. Prepared to be switched live at any time.

neilk wrote:

fixed in r103557. Will go live in next deploy.

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