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Indicate next update in Special:MentorDashboard's mentee overview module
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Several Growth-Team members were confused when they claimed several users, but Special:MentorDashboard did not reflect that. To help with that, we should indicate when the next update will happen (instead of just saying it happens every three hours in the (i) popup).

This is similar to T293454: Mentor dashboard: M1 mentee overview: Add "last updated" indicator and ability to manually refresh mentee data.

See the discussion at T312102#8093064 et seq.:

(2) About "Data is updated every three hours." not communicated clearly - probably it'd make sense to display it not in the pop-up but underneath "See your mentees below. Use the filters to change which mentees are shown." on Special:MentorDashboard? Especially, now users enrolling as mentors may start immediately claim mentees, expecting them to be added to the table.

I've been meaning to comment or file a task about this. @Urbanecm_WMF, maybe we could say "Data last updated on {timestamp}" where {timestamp} is a config variable that the update mentees script sets when it finishes running? And then we could inform the user about the expected next update timestamp?