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[REQUEST] URGENT: Request for information for a media opportunity for Maryana
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Gwadamirai Majange
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We have received time sensitive media request where they have asked the following questions that we would appreciate your assistance with answering. I would appreciate your feedback by COB tomorrow August 23rd.

What are the details of your request? Include relevant timelines or deadlines

  1. How has creation and consumption of content on Wikipedia changed over the pandemic years? Are you seeing more editors joining the fray? And have reading patterns changed in the recent years?
  1. What are the trends that you are observing regarding non -English content now? Where are the growth areas across the globe and in India?

Is this request urgent or time sensitive?
Yes, COB tomorrow August 23rd

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Update: @kzimmerman has followed up with Gwada by email and referred them to Runa and Yu-Ming.

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Thank you for providing answer to the first question As far as we know this is resolved on our end.

For future reference, here is the answer Maya provided to question 1 on Monday 22 August (and we have offered to provide additional details/specific metrics if needed):

Creation and Consumption of Content peaked during the early days of the pandemic. We hit record-level highs for content interactions (20 Billion per month on average) from January to June 2020 which stabilized over the remaining months in 2020 and 2021. In 2022 we see that on a high level, our pageviews have fallen to pre-pandemic levels and are on par with 2019 numbers. Similarly, we saw a significant rise in editors (new and returning) during the early pandemic months which has dropped over the years.

Given the short timeframe, I also followed up on Monday 22 August and suggested alternative contacts for question 2 in case they happened to have material on hand:

I wonder whether Runa Bhattarcharjee (who works with the Language team and thinks a lot about expanding content across the world) or Yu-Ming Liou (who led analysis around world regions for the quarterly learning sessions) have something on hand to help address that question

FYI, here are related tickets on India stats: T305872, T304312, T237579, T196122

There's been some continued discussion and Yu-Ming started a group chat about the 2nd question; reopening this task to reflect current status.

At a high level, much of the growth we’ve seen over the years in Wikipedia articles has come from non-English languages.
Net new Wikipedia content in non-English languages:
Net new Wikipedia content in English languages: (For completeness I included English, Simple English, Old English, and Jamaican Creole English. Old English and Jamaican Creole English are very small – net new content is in the single- to double-digits – but Simple English has had over 1,000 net new articles a month in the past few years)

We've seen steady increases in Wikipedia content in Indic languages. @Arrbee noted that the translation tool has been used extensively in the past couple of years to add to Bengali Wikipedia (aided by both campaigns from the Language team as well as community members in Bangladesh). She also mentioned the growth in Santhali Wikipedia, which has been covered in the news recently
As suggested by @Arrbee and in line with previous data our team provided in T305872 (thank you for connecting those tickets, @Iflorez!), I plugged in the list of 22 Indian languages Runa recommended from and over the past several years we’ve seen steady increases in Wikipedia content (Urdu was a bit of an anomaly - there was a huge spike back in 2018, which was bot related):

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Most editors in India (70% of average monthly editors) contribute to English Wikipedia.

Content growth has been strong across a variety of Indic languages, with particularly strong growth from 2021-22 (19% or more) in Kashmiri, Santali, Bengali, Assamese, and Marathi
By comparison, English saw 9% growth over this time period.