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Send people notification that invites them to manage their notification settings in Special:Preferences
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While discussing T299657, and the new notification it will introduce, the Editing Team discussed the potential for people to become frustrated/distracted/etc. by the number of Echo notifications they are receiving.

To preempt/avoid this scenario, @nayoub suggested we introduce a new notification that people would receive that invites them to decide whether they would like to make any adjustments to: A) the types of events they are being notified about and B) the channel through which they are notified about these events (e.g. in-app, browser, email).

This ticket involves the work of introducing the notification described above.


As someone who is consistently being notified about events that may or may not be relevant to them, I want to be reminded about the power I have to adjust what events I am notified about and how I am notified about said events so that I do not become distracted and annoyed by alerts that are of little interest/value to me.


manage-notifications.png (882×1 px, 131 KB)

Notification with a "notice" OOUI icon and "Manage notifications" CTA (with a "Settings" OOUI icon)
UX Copy to be confirmed: "You have been receiving many notifications lately".


  • Requirements are drafted and implemented

Event Timeline

If someone is already overwhelmed by notifications, is it really the best solution to send them even more? If it’s not obvious that Echo notification categories can be customized, it’s a bug in Echo, and it should be fixed by making the UI more intuitive, not by flooding the user with notifications about how they can get rid of notifications.

Yes, that's a good point @Tacsipacsi. The objective is not to flood users with notifications, simply to remind them that they can adjust their notifications settings if they want to – especially for less advanced users who might have not explored their preferences. This meta-notification wouldn't be displayed often, only if you receive a significant amount of notifications in a short time or if you have a lot of unread ones.