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[Mobile edit notices] Enable edit notice authors/maintainers to decide when notices are shown
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Inspired by EditNoticesOnMobile.js, this task involves the work of making it possible for the volunteers who author/maintain edit notices to decide whether:

  • A) People are shown a mobile edit notice automatically, without them needing to do anything explicit to cause them to appear or
  • B) People see a mobile edit notice if/when they do something explicit to see them (e.g. tap a button)


As a volunteer who creates and/or contributes to edit notices, I want to be able to decide, on a per-page basis, whether an edit notice is automatically shown to people or whether they would need to do something specific to see it, so that would-be editors are not confronted with information that is not likely to impact the change they arrived to the editing interface seeking to make.

Note: the work to introduce similar functionality on Android is documented in T312999.