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If an article is autopatrolled, display purple check mark in Page Curation toolbar
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To match what is displayed in the info menu and in Special:NewPagesFeed. Credit to @MPGuy2824 for the idea.

Special:NewPagesFeed and the Page Curation toolbar use slightly different icons (stored in different locations, and the latter is bigger). Therefore, will need to create a new icon.

Small autopatrolled icon for feed:

Large reviewed icon for toolbar:

There's yet another icon for hovering, but this is always just a grayish-blue, so does not need to be modified.

image.png (885×1 px, 167 KB)

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mark-autopatrolled.png (35×35 px, 1 KB)
Will this file do here? Or should I add it to commons?

To give credit where it is due, I adapted it from

Images that are specific to en.Wiki don't need to be uploaded to Commons. Unless you want to share it, local upload suffices.

Here is good. No need to upload to commons.

I actually made an image the other night. I just took the old one and cranked the hue to maximum in a raster graphics program. That way it has the exact same shape, just a different color.

I got stuck on the code though. The code is set up in a weird way and it is hard to add more than two icons (this is the third icon). I'll have to come back to this one.

icon_mark_autopatrolled.png (35×35 px, 3 KB)

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